Monday, December 7, 2009

I can't fully describe the horror I have everyday for getting my wrist injury when I was seventeen years old. Pain would be an understatement. This is torture in every sense of the word.

So four years ago, I was with my friends at a mall. We went to this gaming store where there was arcade, basketball shoot-outs, etc. There was a punching game and I wanted to prove I was the strongest. Sadly, as I punched all out, I made a mistake somehow then there goes my wrist. It was too painful at the time. I couldn't move it at all. I couldn't type at all. Most importantly, I couldn't play the piano AT ALL. That was the worst kind of pain I've ever received. Though maybe not physically, that was the worst day of my life. I tried therapy of all kinds. For two months, my hand was submerged in hot wax. For some time, I thought my wrist completely healed, but that was just my imagination. I can't stress it too much. Like yesterday, I played badminton with some friends. Until now, my wrist hurts and I can't do anything much with it, really, in terms of the piano. This pain is just truly an inconceivable horror from beyond!

The point of the story, I guess and one that I share with my students as a piano tutor is, arrogance is unacceptable. There is a thin line between great self-confidence and arrogance. One must know this difference and learn this by himself in order for things not to go out of control and bring about utter chaos. I hope everyone can take a lesson from my experience and be thankful of their talents, as one day it can be ripped away. Just like that.

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