Wednesday, November 18, 2009

the most beautiful

After the storm struck here in our country, the Philippines, my home has taken a lot of damage. All cars were totally wrecked and submerged under dirty water. My huge t.v was floating. My pool table was also severely attacked by water. For lack of better verbs to use, may I just say I was crushed at all of this, but not as crushed when I saw my piano. It was a disaster! I didn't mind if all the other things were gone before, but I really hoped the piano didn't receive such pain. Its pain is my pain. The piano is the most beautiful instrument in the world. All other instruments are degenerate forms of the piano.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so they say. I am the beholder, and the piano is my fortress. I hope everyone gets to see this. I hope I'm not just some weird nerd blabbing about this. Everyone has their passion, I keep on saying this. This one's mine. Although it seems that the piano is an inanimate object that can't love me back, I still love it anyway. After all, I am a piano tutor. I'll write more as this blog progresses and as my life goes along.

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