Monday, November 16, 2009

Secret Piano

I had nothing better to do the other day, so I just searched for piano battles on YouTube. I came across this video by Jay Chou. He was battling with this guy on a Taiwanese movie called Secret. His skills were marvelous! I was somewhat reminded by a younger me. I got a copy of the movie and really appreciated the whole thing.

Story- It was really great. It may be a typical boy-girl development kind of love story but it would still leave girls dancing on their toes! It was all about a girl who met this guy and immediately fell in love with him. Apparently, the girl wasn't from that time period. She was only able to go to the guy's time, about 20 years into the future because of a piano piece that needed to be played in a specific tempo for the actual "time travel" to work. The story was well thought of! Props to Jay Chou for composing, acting, and directing his own movie!

Music- Almost all were originals by Jay Chou. Even the scene in the football field was Jay Chou's composition sung by his girlfriend. The other classical in which Jay Chou and the girl were doing a duet was another of his own work. Absolutely remarkable. Chou's improvisation on the works of Chopin were also nothing but commendable.

That movie was a work of art. "Secret compositions".. I wonder where that could lead? There's music in all of us. From your lousy next door neighbor, to your seemingly non-stylish father. It's around us. We can't live without music. Everyone has their own compositions. Everyone has their passion for music. It's impossible not to have. My dream is to gather most of these untapped, creative minds, and put them together to create one massive point that would rock people's minds! It's not an impossible dream. My love for piano and the love of everyone else for music is a perfect combination.

But to me, there are no secrets! Tell me all about your music now! Also, I can teach you the piano. It's that easy as long as you're interested. Trust me. All you need to do is believe.

Right now, I actually have another blog. It's composed of all my songs/lyrics for a girl who will never love me back. How tough is that? Real tough! But music keeps me sane, and that's what I'll do. That's what all of us should do! It's all about perspective, people. I want everyone to be happy.. not just happy, but happy with music! For life! :)

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